Have Fun While Raising Some Money

Our fundraisers are a perfect way to get together, have some fun, and raise money for a good cause.  Guests to our fundraisers pay an admission charge and tickets can be purchased in advance through a private web address.   Food and drinks are provided for both kids and adults, and additional food can be brought in at no charge.  Your charity will receive up to 30% of the revenue from the event.  

  • 3 Hours.  Monday thru Thursday

  • All you can eat pizza and drinks for both kids and parents

  • Includes Rockwall for up to 45 minutes

  • Party room set-up/clean up

  • Two hosts to help with the event

  • Outside food allowed without charge

  • Private web portal for advanced ticket purchases and info regarding the event

What is included:


(Includes Pizza and Drinks)

$8.50 Adults

$16.50 Kids

Revenue Share:

15% of tickets purchased on the day of event

30% of tickets purchased in advance

30% of all concessions and toys

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Do you have a minimum number of guests?

A:  Yes.  We require that your group anticipate at least 24 kids.  If attendance is below 20 kids we may need to adjust the revenue share.  Please call us to discuss options for smaller groups.    

Q:  How much can I expect to raise for our charity?

A:  Give us a call and tell us a little bit about your charity and who is being invited.  We can probably give you an estimate on how much might be raised.

Q:  How long is the event and how is the time broken down?

A:  Fundraisers can be 2-3 hours long.  There is no difference in price.  The longer option will include extra time on the rockwall.  Our fundraisers are the only events in which we allow the food to happen at any time during the party.  If dessert is being served we ask that come at the very end, otherwise food can be served at anytime you like.

Q:  Can we bring in our own food as well?

A:  Yep.  No charge for outside food with our fundraisers.  Bring in anything you like except alcohol.

Q: How are the tickets sold?

A: You will receive a sharable link to purchase tickets online.  They will be available for purchase through the private link up until the day of the event.  Tickets can also be sold over the phone or in person during our normal business hours and during the event. 

Q:  How do you guarantee enough food for everyone?

A:  Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that we will not run out of food, but it is very unlikely.  Our fundraisers focus on selling advanced tickets, which helps us plan food.  We typically order one pizza for every four advance tickets and then a few extra.      


Q: Is there anything else I should know?

A: Please also read our Party Rules and Reminders page to help get prepared for your event!

Call us at (707) 575-5437 or email us here 

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